Children Fed*

*Estimated servings of nutrition donated to malnourished children globally since 3/1/16 by our teams through our EvolvHealth “ONE-FOR-ONE” HOPE Life Giving Program.

Garrett & Sylvia Giving Back

What moves you? What makes your heart sing? We believe in the simple act of giving. It is an eternal principle. Give of yourself and invest love and mentorship in the lives of others, and you will reap what you sow; over time, you will be blessed beyond understanding. We believe in kindness, compassion, being self-reliant, and in being our "brother's keeper" We believe when we do so, each one of us are doing God's work here on earth. We encourage you to be passionate and bold about caring for others and mission-driven about the difference you want to make in the lives of others and the world.

Right now, there are 6 million around the world who die of malnutrition every year - that's a child every 6  seconds. 

Through our efforts with The HOPE Foundation, we're partnering to help eradicate childhood malnutrion. Over the past several years, our team has donated over 20 million servings of nutrients and nourishment for children around the world. The HOPE Foundation has also created opportunites and provided resources to asist those in need throughout the country in our local communities, in the form of donations, counseling, scholarships, community involvement, and nutritional support for women and children creating new lives after overcoming domestic violence, abuse, human trafficking or addiction.

Our personal and team goals are focused on helping others and giving HOPE. 

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